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At Provident Strategies, we thoroughly enjoy winning.  Nothing is more professionally gratifying than achieving a victory for our clients.  We will be laser focused on achieving your goals as if they are our own.

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Association Management


At the end of the day, associations must provide value for its membership’s dollars. Whether it is providing organizational leadership, service to your members, strategic planning, increasing revenue or planning successful events, having a robust association helps your association members realize your organization’s value.





Coalition Building / Grassroots


Developing and activating coalitions and grassroots movements is important to nearly every public policy decision made on the state and local level. To be blunt, why would a policy maker care about your cause if his or her constituents don’t? Provident Strategies has extensive experience forming coalitions that matter and activating them to realize your organization’s goals.

Legislative Analysis and Consulting


Every year, there is legislation that will impact your organization or business. You want to know what is happening in Sacramento so you can prepare for the future or decide to engage in the process. Provident Strategies has 15 years experience working “under the dome” as part of legislative staffs or outside influencers. We can monitor legislation on your behalf and provide analysis and strategy to our clients.





State and Local Issue Advocacy


With extensive state and local experience, Provident Strategies can help you understand how to best advocate for your organization and improve the prospects of success.  As a lobbying firm, we will design a personalized advocacy program to help get you to the finish line.

Event Planning and Execution


Planning events is one of the most important, yet time consuming tasks for a variety of organizations.  Some organizations want to raise money while others want to showcase accomplishments. From large fundraising dinners, to legislative receptions and member conferences, Provident Strategies can help you accomplish your goals.